ISF Junior Worlds

Second Day Of ISF Junior Worlds Crowns New Champions United States riders take home five medals, Germans and Canadians win two each.

United States riders take home five medals, Germans and Canadians win twoeach.
April 9, 1999

TELLURIDE, Colo.(April 8, 1999)-Over 350 international riders from 25countries threw tricks in the halfpipe and raced head to head in the duelslalom during the second day of competition in the sixth annualInternational Snowboard Federation (ISF) Junior World Championships inTelluride. When the day was over, new champions from six different countrieswere crowned in both disciplines.

For the second year in a row Adam Petraska of the United States (Chester,Vt.) captured the gold medal in the junior men’s (age 17-19) halfpipecompetition, leading the United States team to a total of five medals forthe day. Petraska used huge, powerful tricks and technically skilled style toedge out German rider David Benedek who turned in a smooth, super

ride. Bronze medalist Markku Koski of Finland also rode technically, usingsolid landings to give a strong overall impression. The field of 68competitors in the junior men’s division stoked spectators all day long,constantly throwing tricks used by the pros. Huge switch 720s, 900s, Haakonflips, Cripplers and McTwists were all frequently seen.

The United States team swept the junior women’s halfpipe competition, takinghome all three medals. Nevin Schwartz (Chester, Vt., rides for OkemoMountain School) finished on top with teammates Catherine Neivis (Bronx,N.Y.) and Sara Thompson (Chester, Vt., rides for Okemo Mountain School) insecond and third respectively.

The youth men’s (age 16 and younger, based on birthdate) duel slalomcompetition saw rising star Alex Deubl of Germany narrowly defeated byFrancois Boivin of Canada in the race for the gold. Deubl won the first fun, but a bad start put him behind for good in the second. Boivin moves up tothe junior division next year, forcing rising star Deubl to wait a fullseason before racing Boivin again. In his second Junior Worlds, UnitedStates rider Eric Warren (Bennington, Vt., rides for the Stratton MountainSchool) defeated Marco Zingg of Switzerland for the bronze. One week earlierWarren was crowned Overall Combined Champion at the United States of AmericaSnowboard Association (USASA) Nationals which were also held in Telluride.The youth women’s race for gold in the duel slalom proved anticlimactic asLiona Grossenbacher of Switzerland crashed into a fence during the first runand did not race the second, leaving Morgane Fleury of France to celebrateher victory with a slow, solo performance run in the second heat. Helene

Cloutier of Canada defeated strong, rookie racer Martina Egger of Austriafor the bronze.

For both the men’s and women’s youth divisions the duel slalom was well setwith lots of turns in the steep sections and faster sections in the flats.Despite the intense sun and warm weather, course officials did a good jobusing rakes, slide slippers and shovels to keep the playing field fair forall.