Isenseven Tour Dates

The bus tour through Germany is almost over but the premiere mayhem is still just about to start. After having a huge celebration in Munich with maybe 2500 people, we had great parties in all major German cities like Collogne, Berlin and Hamburg. Thanks all the people for coming out! Be sure to check out our party recaps on our website for pictures and stories for every single stop. This weekend, we’ll be charging once more for the tour final in Kempten, Feichten and Basel, and after that we’ll be heading all over Europe, US and Canada to show “Teenage Love Graffiti” and have a beer with you.
So reserve these dates on your calendar:

Oct 16th: KEMPTEN, GER – Mulitboxx 3 (Meet&Greet @ 5ive, 2pm)
Oct 17th: ST-SAUVEUR, Quebec, Canada, Snowboard Grand Prix
Oct 18th: FEICHTEN, Kaunertal, AUT – Zappadello, 9pm
Oct 18th: BASEL, CH – Singerhaus, Bonk Party Reihe, 10 pm
Oct 18th: OSLO, NOR – Fugazi/Ute, Age 20+, 10 pm
Oct 23rd: BOULDER, CO, USA – CU Boulder Math 100 Lecture Hall, 7:30pm
Oct 25th: INNSBRUCK, AUT – Hafen (Meet&Greet @ XDouble, 2pm)
Oct 30th: LONDON, UK – t.b.a.?Nov 1st: KIEV, UKR – Kinopalace
Nov 7th: BURLINGTON, VT, USA – Nectars / Club Metronome, 8:30pm
Nov 14th: DRESDEN, GER – Filmtheater Schauburg (Meet&Greet @ Brett’l Laden, 2pm)
Nov 15th: PORTLAND, OR, USA – Nemo Design
Nov 15th: STUTTGART, GER – Keller Club (Meet&Greet @ Hall Eleven, 2pm)
Nov 19th: TRUCKEE, CA, USA – Fifty Fifty Brewing Company, 8:30pm
Nov 26th: WHISTLER, BC, CAN – Buffalo Bill’s?Nov 28th: BOULDER, CO, USA – Bacaro, 8:30pm
Dec 4th: BRECKENRIDGE, CO, USA – Cecilias, 8:30pm

All dates could change – always check our website to get the latest updates for the premieres and more info about the locations.
TLG is available in Germany now! You can buy it right away at the Planet Sports shop at Albert-Roßhaupterstr. 37 in Munich or order it from their website here. Snowboard Franz himself will deliver the rest of the DVD´s to all the shops around Germany within the next couple of days. Austria and Switzerland will get their share pretty soon as well. We will post a list of all the shops that carry TLG once Franz finds the list. We think he might have eaten it. For all you other Euroshredheads: TLG will be in a store near you soon as well. But remember that Planet Sports also ships to other euro countries than just Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And to our friends overseas: TLG will soon be available in the USA, Canada, Japan and China. Keep checking our website as we will keep you guys updated.
The Teenage Love Graffiti DVD includes:
– 40 min TLG movie
– 30 min Tour De Franz bonus movie
– the IsenSeven TBA skate trailer
– 2 hours of awesome bonus stuff (Check out a bonus trailer here on YouTube) and a supercool booklet
Don´t miss out on this fantastic super product….which, by the way, only costs lousy 20 Euros