On Saturday November 17, Boston will be invaded by many of the East Coast’s most talented riders as the Iron Curtain hits the screens at the Paradise nightclub after the Boston Globe SnowSports Expo. An East Coast film by Gregg Francke and John Cavan, The Iron Curtain is sponsored by Eastern Edge, Ride Snowboards, Mia Snowboards, Grenade Gloves, The Journal, and Eastern Boarder, and features the riding of Andrew Mutty, Nick Francke, Shane Flood, Colin Langlois, Jaime Macleod, Luke Mathison, Ross Powers, and the Grenade Glove Army. So check out the sites at the Boston ski and snowboard show, and then head over to the Paradise nightclub. Things should get going around ten thirty with a couple of Dj’s and special guest bands The Wheelchair and Suicide Contest. Guaranteed a night of fun and Havoc

The paradise nightclub’s number is 1 617 562 8804

Blue collar distribution is 1 978 425 6681