ir77 10 Year Anniversary Website Launch

Words: Lukas Huffman & Jake Price

2006 – 2016; it's been ten years since the release of ir77, the book and movie. The project has become a cult classic and must-see for core snowboarders. From it's inception ir77 was created to be a timeless celebration of the raw passion that drives snowboarders. For the first time ever, ir77 has a home online:


For the 10-year anniversary of the project, ir77 is being released digitally. The creators of ir77, Lukas Huffman and Jake Price, have digitally remastered the film and all 22 of the original DVD extras. They also created a full-length doc-commentary featuring riders from the film talking about how the project impacted their lives, and a digital version of the art book.

The movie was filmed on 16mm and 8mm film on location in the mountain tops of British Columbia to the back-alleys of Romania. It features riding from Austin Smith, Lukas Huffman, Andrew Crawford, Shandy and Shin Campos, Jon Cartwright, Dave Short, Tyler Lepore, Rube Goldberg, Jonas Carlson, and more in far-flung locations around the world.

The book is a breathtaking 120-page work of art that offers an in-depth look at the lifestyle of a professional snowboarder.


Go to to for the full ir77 experience and to buy a printed copy of the book.

Snowboarding has given us everything, and this is our gift in return.
Lukas Huffman & Jake Price