Introducing ‘Avatech’ SP1 a groundbreaking new avalanche technology

This new product got our attention. It’s an advanced probe that gives you more information on the snowpack and layers. Check out the video, and more information coming from us soon once we get to test it out.

From the Avatech page:

At AvaTech, we have developed the first proactive avalanche safety system that instantly analyzes the snowpack and facilitates real-time sharing of this information to help individuals and groups to make better decisions. We started AvaTech because we've had our own close calls and even lost friends in avalanches. We are proud to announce the launch of our company and first products, the SP1 and AvaNet, to the mountain community.

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From Xavier De Le Rue’s Facebook Page:

“AvaTech is a new device that really caught my attention and seems a big evolution for all the freeriders out there. Stick that one tool in the snow, and it will give you the different layer structure of the snowpack underneath you. As it’ll share the information online, everyone can have access to all the data. 
The more people use it, the more live infos there will be, and the more we can limit the risk of avalanche for everyone. Big up to those guys for putting this technology together.”