Interview with Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W

Benno Postert Interview

– Winner of the Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W 2009 –

What to say about Benno? He´s always motivated for some action, no matter if it´s sports, partying or anything else. We've had the privelege to get to know him about 3 years ago and since then, Benno has not only been a great shredbuddy, but also a good friend to us. In that time, it was always amazing to see how he was pushing his snowboard skills to the maximum!

This guy from the western part of Germany was getting better and better! But not only that he's an extremely talented snowboarder, you should see him surfing or skating, too! Furthermore, he seems to be quite smart: he is lined up right now to catch his master in biology! He likes to travel all around the world and is always keen to meet new people and see different cultures and landscapes. Right at this moment he´s travelling all around Europe with his Belgian girlfriend – damn, he knows how to enjoy life! Snowboarding is for sure a big part in his life, but he's also aware of the fact that there are many other things to experience on earth! You rule man!
Maxi and Alex

Hey Benno, you just won the first global Game of S.N.O.W – the Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W! How are you now?
The Contest was super fun. It was an exiting challenge for me and my good friend and filmer, Matze. Straight after La Plagne I left on a trip with the La Famiglia Crew to Lake Tahoe. The day of the results, we had a long and busy day shooting untill sunset. So I totally forgot all about it. When I checked my emails at night, it was a sudden surprise – the whole house went crazy!

Originally you are out of a small village called Datteln, which is located in the western part of Germany. There are no mountains and it´s not snowing in winter. Why did you choose snowboarding?
In Datteln there are large canals, cargo ships and friendly people. No mountains, no snow. Once a year I had the opportunity to go to the Alps, with my family, or joining a youth camp. 10 days riding per year, yuhu. As a child, the whole year I was looking forward to these ten snowy days.
Although there are some indoor slopes near to where I lived, I never entered one. Only one time I saw the inside of a fake mountain, watching through the entrance from the outside. This happened during a rail trip with La Famiglia, where we were using the fake snow.

At LaPlagne you told us that you started snowboarding three years ago. How did you get that good on your snowboard?
This winter it is the 4th season I am living in the alps. As soon as I have some time off at university I get the chance to shred. I don't know how I reached this level in such a short time. I just love to strap on my boots, shred fresh snow, jib and speed up on big kickers. I can't really describe what snowboarding makes me feel, but the best word I can think of is something like 'complete'. Maybe you understand what I mean…

Why didn't you upload the Round 6 trick – a BS 180° Switch 50-50 Switch FS 360° out?
I really like to jib, but good handrail sessions are rare. It is much easier to get the kick with flying, while jumping kickers. Though on a slushy spring day I have the most fun jibbing around with my SAnE!-bros… Big up SAnE!

Was it a lot of work for you to go out and film every 14 days the new trick? Who helped you out?
From the start, we entered the competition as a team – me and Mathias "Matze" Reif. He came up with the idea and told me: "hey, that's our chance. You are able to do almost any trick you want and I will film everything". We are pretty close friends and work really good together. Filming with Matze – that’s a negative stress report!

How was it for you, to be invited to LaPlagne to show the final trick?
The trip was amazing. Quiksilver made sure we got treated like kings, no joke. Pick-up and drop-off at the airport, sleeping in a fancy hotel on the hill, eating crazy good food, getting a couple of drinks and so on…
And together with Mick Wallace from Quiksilver and the Finnish guys Saku, Martin and Niko, I got part of a cool crew for a couple of days. Mita vitua! Funny guys and good shredheads! It’s a pity, I wasn't able to show you a super stylish BS9, sorry guys…

What was the best on this trip?
Shit, I had such a good time. The weekend was spitting new experiences. But the few seconds, preparing to enter the pipe, were the most intense.

How was it to to ride the Quiksilver Chromatophobia Halfpipe Event with all the European bignames?
To enter this high rated pipe contest and to wait at the drop-in of this perfect shaped pipe next to these talented guys, surrounded by excited spectators and the hungry media gave me a really cool feeling! Do you know the part of a pipe competition, where the rider stomps the last trick of a perfect run and rides into the crowd? Standing there at the end of my run I asked myself how I got there!

What are you doing with the 5.000,- Bucks you earned while winning Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W?
‘I’ actually means ‘we’ – Matze and me. We gonna sit next to each other behind the wave set of the longest lefthander, in Peru. We will grin and wish each other an unforgettable ride. Before we entered the competition, we decided if we would win the money we would go there.
What are your plans for your future?
There is no big future plan. I will take life the way it comes. Discovering the world’s hidden places and taking in new experiences.

Thanks to my sponsors Artec, Ziener and Adidas Eyewear, Lisa, Scharti, Blais and Dragan. Thanks to my Friends, Family and Bette. Best regards to Datteln and Innsbruck!