Last year, Dan Liedahl, aka Danimals, was tapped to join the Ride Global AM Team. Fast forward 377 days and Danimals is officially a Ride pro. The surprise promotion went down at Hood during Session 5 at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, and we got the scoop from Danimals on what it means to him, along with insight from Ride Team Manager, Tanner McCarty on why it was time to move Danimals up the ranks.

Dan, have you always had your sights set on being pro?

No, not at all. Growing up it was always a cool idea in the back of everyone’s mind, but I never started snowboarding to become "pro". I was too caught up in the moment of just cruising with my friends. My goals now are to just keep broadening my horizon and expanding my knowledge of snowboarding. I used to think I knew a lot about it when I was younger and now looking back, I was pretty clueless.


Tanner, can let us in on the deciding factors to turn Danimals into a Ride pro?

Danimals got on Ride during the Videograss session at High Cascade last summer and was put on the global amateur team, but it was obvious that he had to make the jump to the top dogs. A year later, once again at High Cascade, we pulled the trigger. His video parts make you pause and rewind, he's a team player to the max, always willing to lend a hand, constant positive attitude, and on a snowboard, his style incomparable.

How did the naming of him as pro go down at Hood?

We wanted to surprise him and really celebrate such a well deserved accomplishment, so we got all the other Videograss Signature Sessioners to head down the hill before him and meet at Cobra Dogs.  Darrell (Mathes) kept Dan on hill a little longer to shoot a photo and by the time he drove Dan up to the dog stand, everyone jumped out from behind the trailer holding the limited edition Danimals Ride Helix boards. The look on his face was all time. After a skate session and a little BBQ, a karaoke party bus showed up to the house and we went into Portland (on a Monday night) to paint the town red.

Just what does it means for Danimals to be a Ride pro?

Ride has had a legendary pro team for the last 23 years and now he joins the likes of Jake Blauvelt, Hana Beaman, Jake Welch, Alex Cantin, Yuki Kadono and Marco Feichtner. We are very hyped on our team and the future of all these boarders.

Hugs for pros. Photo: Marc O'Malley

Pro Hugs.  Photo: Marc O’Malley

Dan, now that you’re pro, do you have any advise for groms looking to go pro?

If you want to be pro, cool, but don’t let it bring you down. It’s not all about going pro and if that’s the only reason why your snowboarding, than you should quit, ’cause I don’t want you to be bummed if it doesn’t work out. Some tips though would be to take pictures and film videos with your friends and post them online and send them to people because that shit is cool. Go to the contests when they roll around like the Trans AM and PBRJ. That's a good way to meet people and make friends from all over. Your chances are much better by getting more involved in the scene.

Do you have any specific plans for this season?

This coming winter is going to be pretty cool. I haven’t heard all of the logistics yet, but as of right now, the plan is to start filming for the first-ever Vans snow video. I don’t really know where that will take us, but it’s with a sick crew of people that I love to hang with.

Check out Danimals full part from 2014 and stay tuned for his new part in Videogracias dropping this fall 

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