March 7, 2005, San Diego Ca—Celsius Snowboard Foootwear Co. wants to remind you to keep your cameras rolling and submit your videos to our 1st annual “I Want Free Boots Dammit snowboard video contest. There are still two months of filming left in most parts of the world. Celsius has already received over 100 submissions to the contest, but we want to see more. We have been extremely impressed with not only the level of riding out there, but the level cinematography and editing as well.

We have received all types of videos from straight-up sponsor me tapes, to full length films, from artsy flicks to classic skate style videos. Entries have been received from as far away as Slovenia. “It is really refreshing to see young riders putting that much energy into their projects, remarked Sales Manager Will Talbott. “It’s also really cool to see what trends the riders are following and what snowboard and skate videos really influence their editing style.

The winner of the contest will not be selected until next fall so you still have plenty of time to film with your friends and put together a great flick. You can also take advantage of the spring time conditions with soft snow and longer days.

If you want more info on Celsius’ “I Want Free Boots Dammit video contest please check out the link on our website . The link can be found on the upper right hand corner of your screen. Or you can e-mail Celsius at for contest rules or questions. We will make sure we get you dialed in with all the rules and regulations.

Winners of the contest will receive $4,000.00 worth of gear from Celsius and all of the participating sponsors. , , , , , , , , and .

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