Hunter Continues ‘Miss Rheingold’ Tradition

HUNTER, NY (January 3, 2000)-In a nostalgic return to fond memories of thepast, the Miss Rheingold Contest-once the second largest election in thecountry, with 25 million people casting ballots-continues the annualtradition here at Hunter Mountain, according to a joint announcement byHunter and the Rheingold Brewing Company, LLC.

Back in 1940, the Rheingold Brewery began a famous promotion called the MissRheingold contest, in which millions of people cast ballots to select a newMiss Rheingold annually from six candidates. Starting in 1963, HunterMountain began a tradition of hosting the winner for a weekend of specialevents-that year it was Loretta Rissell, a 19-year-old Hawaiian-born beauty,the 24th Miss Rheingold.

Rheingold beer, which had been synonymous with New York City and in the late1950’s and 1960’s had a 35% market share, disappeared a number of years agosoon after the family owned brewery was sold. The brand was revived lastyear and Hunter is doing its bit for nostalgia by continuing the HunterMountain Miss Rheingold contest. The very same Loretta Rissell, who firstappeared at Hunter in the early sixties, as well as the 1999 Hunter MountainMiss Rheingold, Kristina Schurrath, are coming back for a special weekend offun and celebration February 5 and 6, 2000. The resort will also bepresenting six potential Miss Rheingold candidates and soliciting votes fromthe public.

“We’re excited that Hunter has gotten behind the Rheingold name with thisfun event,” Mike Mitaro, president of Rheingold Brewing. “Last year, wereintroduced the Rheingold brand, with the same formula, beermaster andlabel, and the Hunter Mountain Miss Rheingold contest has helped bringattention to our quality product.”

Registrations are being accepted for the six new candidates. For a list ofrules, write: Miss Rheingold Competition, Hunter Mountain, Hunter, New York12442. Other details about the contest can be found on the Hunter website All entries must be received by Jan. 22, 2000.

The grand prize for the contest is a lifetime season pass to Hunter Mountainand exposure in Hunter Mountain promotional materials, including nextseason’s resort brochure. The five runners up will receive Hunter Mountainseason passes. All entrants will receive a frequent skier card and a oneday lift pass.