Humanity Snowboards Scary Rail Jam


Chino, CA – 10/30/2010 – 8PM –

Humanity Snowboards and the Couchboys are putting on the biggest Scary Dairy Fright Farm Rail Jam to date. New ramp, tons of snow, 1$ tacos, live music, and an all-night rail session. Product tosses by Anenberg clothing and Simple People. See the full snowboard line from Humanity Snowboards and demo a board at the jam.

The ramp this year is bigger and better. Remember Snowdoggs ramp? We took that ramp and combined it with the Scary Dairy’s ramp from last year. We made it way buff, redid the box and added a rail. We are blowing 5 tons of snow as well as trucking some in, so there will be plenty of snow.

The Scary Dairy had put this event on for the past couple of years. It’s located at 9145 Chino ave, Chino CA 91761. Google Map it. Anyone needing more info contact Carlos at

Sponcered by Humanity Snowboards, Mt Baldy, Couchboys, and Anenberg Clothing. Show up, bring your boots and ride all night.

Humanity Snowboards is a community based company. We have been build snowboards since the early 90’s. We are providing our friends and community with a living through jobs in snowboarding. We design, build and ride in the USA. Know who makes your boards. Its hard work but we love it. Check out the latest technology, new products and other useless inanimate objects at