Holden X Impossible will be releasing custom made limited edition Holden-branded Polaroid camera kits featuring one of the most highly embraced cameras by any analog instant photography enthusiast: The SX-70.  Produced in 1972, the camera is the first analog single lens reflex camera to use the one-step self-processing film. It is one of the most sought after analog instant cameras and has attracted renowned names like Pop Artist, Andy Warhol and Modern Designers, Charles and Ray Eames.


The SX-70 delivers lovely shallow depth of field instant photos and is known for it's collapsible design, even compact enough to be pocketable (a mere 1" thickness to be exact).  The SX-70 features 116mm f8- f22 aperture lens, manual focus from infinity to 10.4," automatic exposure and electronic shutter that does not require a battery (as the Holden X Impossible film packs include built in ones.)  Distinctively modest with clean lines and with a choice of either a black or white finish, the camera has been carefully reconditioned and recovered with custom wool and quilting details exceptionally designed by Holden.  Together with The Impossible Project, Holden hopes to bring back the art of analog instant photography by offering the camera kit as well as support with a multinational analog instant photography exhibition.




Holden Design Director Scott Zergebel says, "This was a really fun project! We all love Polaroid and having the opportunity to add something unique and beautiful to this camera was exciting.  We looked to our Fall 2012 collection and utilized the materials and quilted look from a few of our key styles to update the skin of the SX-70."



Set to be released in August 2012, the special edition kits will include one leather camera/film bag (designed by Holden, produced by Tanner Goods), one pack of limited edition Holden X Impossible PX70 Color Shade film pack with an ND filter and a custom Holden Polaroid SX-70 camera – all carefully packaged in a handcrafted wood box.  The Holden X Impossible camera kits will be available on Holdenouterwear.com, selected boutiques, and at all Holden X Impossible exhibitions.