Holden is proud to announce our collaboration with Tanner Goods to produce camera cases to be included in Holden X Impossible camera kits. Made with vegetable tanned English bridle leather selected locally from American sources, the hand stitched camera case will age beautifully with character gaining color and distinguished marks over use. Designed to hold the SX-70 Polaroid camera, the genuine leather camera case features an additional pocket sleeve to store an Impossible X Holden Polaroid film pack, all while offering users a stylish way to carry and protect their Polaroid kit. A leather flap with a brass knob closure encloses both the camera and film pack to keep everything safe and sound.

The camera case will be released Fall 2012 and available only with the Holden X Impossible SX-70 camera kit. A limited run will be made and will be sold on holdenouterwear.com, at exclusive boutiques and at Holden X Impossible art shows worldwide.
"Working alongside Holden on the SX-70 leather case is, in essence, everything we love about a collaboration. Aside from all of us being fans of the Polaroid medium, the camera itself is one of those iconic designs that is one of our all-time favorites. It's a great opportunity to craft something equally as beautiful to be paired with the SX-70. And while Holden and Tanner Goods create products for different markets, we both share a few important ideals: durability, utility and craftsmanship," said Sam Huff, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Tanner Goods.
"Sam Huff and his talented team of craftsman at Tanner Goods, are the type of brand that inspires us. Not only are they locally based and making an impact in our community but they are great people too", said Ben Pruess, CEO of Holden. "The idea of timeless quality is exemplified not only in the beautiful camera case we made together but in all their product. Working with and supporting local artist is a real joy for Holden, we design our products to try and capture that hand made and loving feel that brand like Tanner products have. The results of craftsmanship are not only seen but felt in both our brands."