Holden And Heart Coffee Team Up For Good Brew

Eco Friendly Brands, Holden And Heart Coffee, Team Up For Good Brew

Portland, OR/USA – January 13th, 2012 –

Holden teams up with Heart Roasters to bring you a taste of Portland's finest coffee. Holden has always been an environmentally conscious brand and is proud to be offering Heart X Heart coffee in the first biodegradable, one-way valve coffee bags available in the Pacific Northwest. Using Daterra Sweet Collection, this creamy coffee provides each coffee lover and drinker with flavors of vanilla and sweet almond; adding enjoyment to the cold winter days ahead. Holden and Heart chose to use cof- fee beans from Brazil's first sustainable coffee farm, Deterra, not only because they are committed to eco-friendlier practices, but spread these values through environmental research and educational programs. Heart will be releasing a limited run of Holden x Heart coffee available at Heart in Port- land, Oregon in February and the coffee will also be available at SIA in Denver.

"In a town that is at the center of the coffee revolution, with consumers who know their brews and have more shops then you could ever need for a caffeine fix, it has been awesome to see Heart rise to the top of the heap by focusing on the same things we do: better process and better choices makes a better product. We are so happy to be working with them on this roast and to offer it in the first eco-bag," said Mikey LeBlanc, Professional Snowboarder and Co-Founder of Holden.

"Holden and Heart are both small businesses who care about quality, community, and above all are always at the cutting edge of each industry. Both companies are based out of Portland, Oregon and both companies are incredibly passionate about the end result. We are psyched to team up with Holden. Mike (LeBlanc) has been a dear friend of mine since childhood and it is an honor to be a part of his labor of love," said Rebekah Yli-Luoma, owner of Heart Coffee Roasters.


About Heart

Along with the overall cafe aesthetic, our roasting style comes from a balance of Scandinavian and Portland coffee cultures. We roast our coffee to the lightest degree possible, while fully developing the flavors each coffee has to offer. We strive to purchase our green coffee according to the harvest cycles of each producing country. Our green coffee is stored on site in a humidity and temperature-controlled area, in order to best represent the integrity of the bean. More information on Heart can be found at heartroasters.com or contacting coffee@heartroasters.com

About Holden

Holden Outerwear is the modern, independent outerwear brand. Timeless quality, market-leading style, innovative ideas, eco- friendlier options and an openness to be yourself are the principles that set us apart.

Co-founded by renowned professional snowboarder Mikey LeBlanc and designer Scott Zergebel, Portland, OR-based Holden grew out of a desire to bring street fashion to the mountain. Holden fills the void in the market for progressive aesthetics and companies with a conscience.

2012 marks the 10-year anniversary of Holden--the widely recognized leader in style trends, fabric and technical innovations, and environmentally committed outerwear. From its inception, Holden has sought a singular goal: creating products that make people happier and healthier in the pursuit of a life well led.

Thank you for being you.