Hindman Wins Sponsor Me Rail Jam

Wrightwood, CA – April 4, 2004: Jason Hindman took home top honors along with one-year sponsorships from Rome Snowboards, DC Boots, Technine Bindings, Planet Earth Clothing, Von Zipper Eyewear, Grenade Gloves and Active Ride Shop at this year’s Active Sponsor Me Rail Jam. Other standouts were Derek Rue (2nd place) with his anecdotal acceptance speech concerning a spider and a can of hair spray, and Sam Spedale who’s fans comically battled with GT, announcer from Von Zipper, who couldn’t pronounce his name.

The favorite feature of the day had to be the Flowerbox, a 30 foot long, 3 foot high flat box, which allowed for any number of steezy maneuvers, but it was the Super Kink Rail, a 16 foot by 24 foot flat down rail, that separated the sponsored from the sponsorless. Whether it was Derek Rue with his clean skate-style or Keegan Valaika with his huge airs, all riders did extremely well and the judges had a hard time separating the top five, almost overlooking Jason Hindman in his all camo, all the time outerwear.

In an effort to promote up-and-coming riders, Active Ride Shops from Southern California produced the Sponsor Me Rail Jam where local rippers could showcase their talents in front of some of the industry’s top brands. This year’s event was a jam format where a carousel of competitors moved from feature to feature, sessioning each for 15 minutes. The jibs included some of Mountain High’s signature pieces such as The Toolbox, the Flowerbox, the 32-Foot C-Box, the Downhill Rail and the Super Kink Rail. Participants were rated on style and difficulty and judges used their best scores to determine the top twelve. These finalists then moved on to a 30 minute showdown on the Super Kink rail where only the strong survived.

Says Todd Wakeling, Active promoter, “There are plenty of events out there focused on pro riders but until this contest was developed, there really weren’t any contests devoted to the up and comers. Our past competitors include riders such as Matt Hammer, John Jackson, Peter Benchtler and Chris Bradshaw who are now household names.”

1ST Place Jason Hindman
2nd Place Derek Rue
3rd Place Sam Spedale
4th Place Keegan Valaika
5th Place Travis Robinson
6th Place Craig McDonald
7th Place Evan Mills
8th Place Mac Spedale
9th Place Andrew Massey
10th Place Jeff Miller
11th Place Michael Garniak
12th Place Scott Vine

1st Place Erin Podue
2nd Place Laurie Currier
3rd Place Nirvana Ortanez
4th Place Dana Maldonado
5th Place Stephanie Jury

1st Place Ryan Tarbell
2nd Place Devin Allen
3rd Place Drake Bialecki
For more information, please contact Chuck Allen, Snowboarding and Special Events Manager, at (760) 316-7831 or callen@mthigh.com.