High Cascade Snowboard Camp Launches Interactive Map


Want to practically visit High Cascade Snowboard Camp via the magic of technology?  Then check out the online, “interactive” (read: you can click on things) map.  You can cruise around, watch embedded videos, read some fun facts, and generally get a sense what HCSC looks like in real life.

Remember: in this new millennium where the boundaries of technology and reality are blending ever more rapidly, the only thing cooler than going to a computer camp, is going to a snowboard camp on a computer.

100% snowboarding since 1989, High Cascade is the world’s only summer snowboard camp that isn’t part freeski camp.  With two private parks and two private rope tows, HCSC provides snowboarders age 9 and over, of all abilities, genders and geographic upbringings a chance to snowboard from June – August with professional coaches, on real snow.  For more information please visit highcascade.com/map.