High Cascade / New Hampshire / Da Vinci Code?


Is the High Cascade Snowboard Camp Logo Really the State of New Hampshire?

For many years, conspiracy theorists, and symbolism experts have accused the snowboard world of being run by East Coasters, and littered with East Coast symbolism.  An in-depth look at the organizational charts of every major snowboard publication, manufacturer, mountain, and marketing firm uncovers countless New Englanders in high profile roles.  From the So Cal to Soho, our industry is riddled with people and imagery of East Coast decent.

Recently, religious iconology and symbology professor, Robert Langdon of Harvard University, has announced his discovery that the logo for High Cascade Snowboard Camp in Oregon, is shockingly close to the shape of the State of New Hampshire when turned on end.  A little too close for coincidence, in his opinion.

This discovery comes at a significant time in the snowboard season, as the Transworld Snowboarding TransAM, presented by High Cascade kicks off it’s 2011 season at Waterville Valley, in New Hampshire.  Professor Robert Langdon, an Exeter, New Hampshire native, has been widely criticized in the past for manipulating his study of historic symbols for the media benefit of his home state.  Perhaps this speculative discovery is a cheap ploy by the professor to gain media attention for the Live Free or Die State. Or, perhaps it is yet another insight into the East Coast’s eerie influence over the world of snowboarding. HCSC has declined to comment on this matter.