Help Support Lukas Huffman’s Film, AERIS, and Get An Airblaster Ninja Suit


With just 11 days left to reach their crowd-funding goal, the award-winning team behind AERIS — the first ever narrative film starring a fearless female snowboarder as the lead — is announcing yet another unique perk for contributors.

By pledging 99 dollars to help fund the making of AERIS contributors will receive a form-fitting Ninja Suit from Airblaster. Launched in 2006, this hooded onesie has been keeping riders cosy and comfortable for a decade, and counts many AERIS ambassadors among its most devoted fans.

Support the AERIS Indiegogo campaign here to get your Airblaster Ninja Suit.

The Ninja Suit is made from 4-way stretch Air Tech fabric with moisture wicking technology to keep the rider warm and dry on the slopes. Smooth-glide chest and waist zips make getting in and out of the suit hassle-free, and handy thumb-loops keep the suit fixed in place no matter how wild the ride.

The Lowdown on AERIS

Based on the vivid characters, dramatic scenarios and evocative landscapes writer/director Lukas Huffman encountered as a professional snowboarder in British Columbia, AERIS centers around Terra — a tenacious female snowboarder with a tumultuous background and a penchant for partying. Struggling with a debilitating knee injury and a devastating personal loss, Terra is at rock bottom when she gets the opportunity of a lifetime — entry to The Burton U.S Open, the premier snowboarding competition. With her family relationships hanging by a thread and her confidence at an all-time low, Terra must summon every ounce of courage, momentum and determination to take the competition by storm and achieve her dream.

About the filmmakers and riders

Fresh from the success of award-winning indie feature film, When the Ocean Met the Sky, Huffman and his team are appealing to winter sports enthusiasts and supporters of the #WomenInFilm movement to contribute $25,000 for the first phase of AERIS — a short slated for film festival submission. Using the buzz generated from the short, they hope to raise the production budget for a feature-length version of AERIS — the first ever narrative film starring a female professional snowboarder.

Huffman is already known for his VICE Sports documentary, Lady Shredders, which has amassed over 300,000 views to date. The three-part webseries features female snowboarding crew, Too Hard — fast-living, hard-partying friends who live to ride, no matter the cost to their health or personal lives. These fearless young women were the inspiration behind AERIS' Terra, a captivating female protagonist with depth and complexity that defies Hollywood stereotypes. By redefining the traditional female lead as heroic, gutsy and unapologetically willful, AERIS has already amassed a long list of supporters and ambassadors, particularly among the winter sports industry. Gold medal-winning female snowboarder Spencer O'Brien has signed on as Terra's stunt double, and legendary freestyle rider Marie-France Roy has also praised the film, stating, "Hopefully it brings more light and support to women's snowboarding and helps viewers understand the challenges we face when determined to make it in any male dominated sport."

More contributor perks

Others perks for contributors to the crowdfunding campaign include: A digital download of the completed short ($25), a pair of Burton Girls snowboard clothing and accessories ($350-$500), "Ask a Pro" – a personalized video from the cast and crew of AERIS ($200), a custom-made PowderJet wooden snowboard ($625), an invite to the private premier screening and after-party in NYC ($5,000), and "The AERIS Whistler Experience" ($10,000) — two days/nights of accommodation, riding and nights out on the town with the AERIS production crew.


Indiegogo Campign: AERIS

Indiegogo Launch Date: Monday, November 30, 2015

Crowdfunding Goal: $25,000

Production Company: Image Nation Films

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