A new contest format erupted on Mt. Hood this week with the underground launch of the HCSC Spin Cycle Classic™.  The premise is simple: which rider(s) can cycle through all four directions of spinning (frontside, backside, switch frontside and switch backside) from 180º to 900º with the least mistakes and the best style. 

Judged by HCSC head coach Dave Reynolds, pro shred Eric Jackson, Nike Snowbarding TM Bobby Meeks and HCSC co-owner Ami Voutilainen, the contest had a very basic set of rules: if you miss your grab, revert or fall you get an X.  Three X's and your out.  Whoever has the least amount of X's at the end of the cycle wins. 

The guys field consisted of a solid mix of invited up-and-comers and modern day superstars such as: Eero Ettala, Patrick McCarthy, Tim Eddy, Jake Knigge, Ian Thorley, Brandon Reis, Ben Bogart, Brandon Luzier, Heikki Sorsa, Bode Merril, Tim Humphries and New Hampshire breed prodigy campers Nick Julius & Wes Walsh.  On the ladies side it was Laura Hadar, Iris Lazzareschi, Hana Beaman, Erin Comstock, Alexis Waite, Leanne Pelosi and Bev Vuilleumier battling it out for the Spin Cycle Classic™ title.

The event was held on a handsomely raked and salted 35-foot table jump with a long mellow transition and the perfect amount of pop.  The goal was a fun jump just big enough to get a 900º around on.  The contest started with 180's and the pressure was on.  Pat McCarthy was heard saying "This is the first time in my life I've ever been nervous to do a 180 over a 35 foot jump".  With a possible 20 tricks to cycle through, every drop counted. After falling victim to the competition butterflies and missing her FS180 right off the bat, the always-funny Hana Beaman (who has been slaying HCSC all summer) stated "before the Spin Cycle Classic I didn't know my worth… now I know I'm worth about 5 dollars and 12 cents."  Everyone in attendance would argue a much higher figure.

As the riders lapped the jump on The Big Toe™ (HCSC's private rope tow), surprise early exits included Bode Merrill and Leanne Pelosi who got off to a rocky start.  Eero Ettala and Heikki Sorsa, who rarely do contests, complained like 9-year-olds who have to pee on a long car ride every time they had to wait to drop (can I go now? can I go now?…) Dropping one after another, Finland's finest set the style standards high.  Tim Eddy wowed the onlookers with perfect pokes and proper grabs and young Brandon Reis seemed like he was unstoppable cycling through every trick with his first fall coming on a switch backside 9.  On the women's side, Alexis Waite, Laura Hadar and Erin Comstock hung deep into the 540's occasionally stomping tricks they'd never tried before.

Side highlights included HCSC digger Zac "The Dark Knight" Marben's poaching (he arrived late) and digger Chris Grenier's "announcing/heckling" skills on the HCSC mega phone.  Zac pops higher and tweaks harder than anyone on Earth, and Grendy's could probably make a dead guy laugh.   

In the end Erin Comstock's consistent style and power over the jump landed her victorious getting to frontside 7's.   Ian Thorley and Heikki Sorsa tied in the men's division with Heikki only missing his backside 720 and Ian butt-checking on his switch back 9.  Ian Thorley said "It was literally the funnest contest ever and I hope HCSC busts out a winter version this season". 

The stakes were high, with winners taking home a Government Camp Food Cycle Classic (a Cobra Dog, Volcano Cone, Huck's Shake and a Unicorn Food grilled cheese).  In addition, Heikki, Erin and Ian will have their names permanently engraved on the iconic Spin Cycle Classic golden washing machine (the major appliance version of the Stanley Cup of Snowboarding).   

100% snowboarding, High Cascade Snowboard Camp is proud to bring the shred world The Spin Cycle Classic™. Now with two private parks and a private rope tow, HCSC has provided snowboarders age 9 and over, of all abilities, genders and geographic upbringings a chance to snowboard from June 15th -– August 15th on real snow since 1989. For more information, or to register for camp visit (on the Internet).