Heavenly’s High Roller Hold ‘Em Results

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Heavenly’s High Roller Hold ‘Em

After drawing an eight of diamonds at the poker table, Ian Thorley won the first hand, landing a Cab 900. Sage Kotsenburg won the second hand with a backside 1080 while Pat Burgener’s backside double cork 1080 won the third hand. Burgener and Kostenburg had the highest chip totals at the close of the first three-hand round, earning automatic entry to the five-man final table.


The remaining eight athletes entered a second three-hand round, with Chas Guldemond’s Cab double cork 1260 taking the first hand, Mark McMorris winning a hand with a frontside double cork 1080, and Eric Willett winning the third hand with a Cab 1080. Willett and Guldemond guaranteed their spots at the final table as the highest chip winners in Round 2, and Gjermund Braaten won the luck-of-the-draw last-chance qualifier round with a Cab double cork 1080.

Ulrik Badertscher was bluffing everyone. PHOTO: Heavenly Mountain Resort

Guldemond came out on top at the final table by collecting a $23,000 chip pot in the second hand of the final after drawing the king of diamonds and landing a backside double cork 1260. Braaten won the first hand of the final with a Cab 900 but ultimately finished second overall, just ahead of Willett.


1st – Chas Guldemond

2nd – Gjermund Braaten

3rd – Eric Willett

4th – Sage Kotsenburg

5th – Pat Burgener