Heart Films Vol. 4 Now On Sale



HEART Films is directed by Tadashi Fuse who believes that snowboarding should be first and out most – done for fun – His idea of fun is to explore the backcountry and hit natural features like a snowboard park. His vision is to document and to ride lines that he has never hit before and to challenge his skills by pushing the envelop in the backcountry. Our movie also caters more to the general audience rather than to the core rider as it is more important for us to get people to try snowboarding than to be showing the most spins or the biggest airs which is harder to relate to than an epic pow turn or riding in a sick back drop. Tadashi also wanted people to see more locations and riders from Japan as well as to show the vastness of the backcountry in Canada. If you watch HEART Films vol 1 to now – you will see the progression of each rider and the fun that they have together filming and riding. The movies are more pow than park and more lines than booters but with a roster of different riders each year – anything goes

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