Heal Clothing Launches Online Store


Percentage of clothing sales supports extreme athletes with recovery fund

Monroe, Conn., March 11, 2009 – HEAL Clothing (Helping Extreme Athletes Live): www.healclothing.com has launched its online store.  HEAL takes a percentage of every sale, before profits, and donates it to an organization that takes care of injured athletes of action sports, or for medical care at action sport events.  Supporting organizations such as the Athlete Recovery Fund, Actions Sports Medicine Foundation, and X-games gold medalist/motocross legend Doug Henry, HEAL is ready to make an impact.

With the growth of action sports there has also been an increase in the risk factors involved.  It has been obvious with many top athletes suffering major injuries from pushing these sports to the next levels.  HEAL Clothing aims to help in this effort to bring some support to athletes whose salaries and insurance cannot cover the injuries and life changing accidents that are occurring.

"Every product sold by HEAL Clothing will donate before profits.  The idea behind HEAL is to make a brand that is not only a style but a brand that supports the sports at the highest level by taking care of the athletes that have progressed these sports to what they are today ," said owner and founder of HEAL Clothing, Daniel Brown.

Having well-renown athletes such as Doug Henry, Stephen Murray, and Mike Aitken, affiliated with organizations HEAL supports, suffer such immense injures it is aware that attention and care is needed for these athletes.  HEAL will continuously pursue new athletes and organizations to support while consistently making product for the lifestyle of the action sports community.  A complete list of the organizations and athletes are listed on www.healclothing.com

About HEAL Clothing:

HEAL Clothing was founded by Daniel Brown after witnessing a friend and star in the action sports community suffer a life altering accident.  Being a participant and suffering injuries on many levels himself, he has seen the kind of attention that is needed first hand.  In pursue of helping others in these sports, HEAL was designed as a way of giving back to the ones that made and are making action sports what they are today.