HCSC to Auction Camp Sessions

BEND, OR (Immediate Release) – High Cascade Snowboard Camp will be conducting a silent auction for two summer 2007 sessions at Mt. Hood with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Tyler Eklund and his family. Fourteen year-old Eklund broke his C-3 vertebrae while snowboarding at the USA Amateur Snowboarding Association’s (USASA) Nationals at Northstar on April 1. Tyler was immediately airlifted to a hospital in Reno, NV where he is currently paralyzed from the neck down.

Tyler was a strong and consistent competitor in the High Cascade’s long-running USASA snowboard series, “Enter the Dragon, which hosts over one hundred competitors from throughout Oregon. In March, just weeks prior to his serious injury at Northstar, Tyler’s name was drawn for a free summer camp session at High Cascade Snowboard Camp from a pool of competitors who participated in all six Enter the Dragon USASA snowboard contests.

“After I pulled his name from the hat, several parents, competitors, and coaches immediately told me how deserving Tyler was of winning this camp, said Kevin English, High Cascade’s Executive Director and Co-Owner. “I learned how passionate Tyler was about snowboarding and the fact that his family may not have otherwise afforded to send Tyler to our camp. No one was more deserving than Tyler.

Upon learning of Tyler’s injury and his family’s foreseeable and tremendous medical expenses, High Cascade announced at the USASA Nationals last week that it would put the camp session that Tyler won as well as one other session up for silent auction. The auction will be conducted by High Cascade Snowboard Camp and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Tyler Eklund fund at U.S. Bank. Bids will start at $1500 for each camp session respectively, and will be accepted today through Friday April, 27 via email or phone at helptyler@highcascade.com or 1.800.334.4272. Please include your name, bid amount, phone number, and email address. The winning bidders will be announced by High Cascade on Friday April, 27.

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