HCSC Spin Cycle ‘010.


~ Mount Hood, OR ~

Following the dizzying success of last year’s inaugural Spin Cycle ClassicTM, HCSC plans to host the 2nd annual SCCTM contest Friday July 30th in their Main Park at Timberline (on Mt. Hood, in Oregon, in America). While most events get bigger and better each year, The Spin Cycle ClassicTM basically nailed it year one – and will follow the same format, be the same size and once again be a wicked fun time.


20 bucks this announcement sounded like the redheaded stepchild of a donkey haw and a ambulance siren. Chris Grenier, heckling the flock. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt

The premise is simple: the rider(s) that can cycle through all four directions of spinning (frontside, backside, switch-frontside and switch-backside) from 180º to 900º with the least mistakes and the best style win. If you miss your grab, revert or fall you get a “strike”. Three strikes and you’re out. Whoever has the least amount of strikes at the end of the cycle wins. In the event of a tie, style is the deciding factor. In the event of a style tie, the rider who weighs more wins. In the event that both riders also weigh the same, then the contest will be null and void, and will never happen again.


When not stroking the guitar or whispering to his mustache, Zac Marben occasionally sends 'em over the clouds. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt

The totally impartial judging panel includes HCSC head coach Dave Reynolds, Nike Snowboarding TM Bobby Meeks, Salomon TM Java Fernandez and HCSC co-owner Ami Voutilainen. The field of riders vying for a shot at the Spin Cycle ClassicTM Title include: Tim Eddy, Jake Knigge, Parker Duke, Johnny Brady, Brandon Reis, Ben Bogart, Brandon Luzier, Ian Hart, some of the Videograss Crew, maybe Sean Genovese and Jeff Keenan, probably not Shaun White and definitely defending champ Ian Thorley. Maybe others too. Who knows?


Ian Dean Thorley is on the come-up. Rinse. Repeat. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt

The event will be announced by Chris Grenier on a mega-phone and will be held on a handsomely raked and salted 35-foot table-top jump built by Planet Snow Design. The point is a fun jump, just big enough to twirl a nine. The winner gets their name forever emblazoned on the Golden Spin Cycle Washing Machine Trophy Thing (a la Stanley Cup). May the best style win!