Mt. Hood, OR, March 22, 2005—A couple storms with more on the way have blanketed Timberline, Mt. Hood, home of High Cascade’s private snowboard park with some heavy Northwest snow. According to Jeff Kohnstamm, Owner and Operator of Timberline, “As most people know, to date, Timberline has had a challenging snow season. Historically, the third week in April is when Timberline reaches its maximum snow pack.

Even without this new snow HCSC would be able to provide a great park on the glacier. These late season storms will only make a good thing better. The rumor mill has been spinning at full speed lately, so it’s a good time to let people know that Mt. Hood’s going to be just fine this summer.

“It is funny the things you hear, says Preston Strout, HCSC Camp Director “Last week I heard HCSC was secretly moving to New Zealand, Argentina and Mammoth this summer. That’s a pretty big secret. How about this secret: Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, we’ve been running snowboard camps at Mt. Hood for over 15 years through good and bad snow winters, and we’re here to stay.

According to, the cold winter weather pattern hitting Mt. Hood is expected to continue well beyond the first week in April. “Long term forecasts show more snow and cold weather. Cold and snowy spring weather directly relates to quality summer conditions, said Kohnstamm. These new storms combined with Mt. Hood’s existing glacier will be the stage for one of Mt. Hood’s most fun summers to date. With HCSC programs like the Scotty Arnold Signature Session, the Wille YliLuoma Session and the Photo and Video Workshops with Trevor Graves and Pierre Wikberg, this summer is going to be a blast. Speaking of which, High Cascade is also working with Airblaster to put together a team stunt show circus and guys like Shane Flood and Scotty Wittlake are coming one session to give campers free funny haircuts.

Not only will Mt. Hood have snow for the summer, but it’s also going to have one of the most fun parks to date. In addition to their usual Pat Malendoski designed park, HCSC will be building a replica 1993 Snowboard Park. Equipped with log slides, stump jibs, trashcan bonks, gap jumps, ropeollies, barrel jibs, old logo banners and all of the big jeans and flannel you can handle. When asked why 1993, Strout replied, “1993 is an era that is gone forever. Snowboarding was the outcast of the alpine world and just coming into its own. There were no Olympics, no X-Games, no 1080’s, and every other resort didn’t have a cursive s box. Guys like Tarquin Robbins and Roan Rodgers were cutting down their boards and high backs, thrashing stumps and redefining our sport. It was raw. Kids today should get to relive those exciting times.

About — High Cascade Snowboard Camp, founded in 1989, provides snowboarders and skateboarders with a fun, supportive summer camp environment. Located on Mt. Hood, Oregon HCSC’s summer snowboard parks, skateboard parks and professional staff are considered by many to be totally awesome.