HCSC Gets A New Big Toe™

Mt. Hood, OR (Immediate Release) – New for this summer, High Cascade Snowboard Camp is adding a private rope called The Big Toe™.  This summer when campers are shredding HCSC's private parks under the warm Oregon sunshine they'll be doing so via a high speed handle tow (The Big Toe™) in The Original Park™ and via a high speed quad in The Lap Park™.

The Big Toe™ equals more runs through the park per day.  More runs through the park equals more fun and more fun should always be the goal.   HCSC camp director Preston Strout breaks it down like this: "The Big Toe™ is basically like being able to email yourself to the top of the park.  Instead of transporting information via metal wires, we're transporting snowboarders.  Everyone loves the Internet, so everyone will love The Big Toe™, it's that simple".

Since 1989 HCSC has provided the world of snowboarding a place to come together during the summer and enjoy some shredding.  From June 15th – August 15th, snowboarders age 9 and over, of all abilities, genders and geographic upbringings come to camp and snowboard.   For more information, visit highcascade.com (on the Internet).  High Cascade: For snowboarders, by snowboarders.