Hannah Teter and Tawna Schultz have revealed the ‘7 truths of snowboarding,’ in their upcoming book; Mastering Snowboarding. All proceeds from the book will go to Teter’s charity, Hannah’s Gold.

“It’s going to take time to get the hang of snowboarding. You are going to be taking a lot of baby steps. Enjoy each of them and be proud of what you accomplish," Teter says. “Snowboarding is freedom in its rawest form. If you don’t give up, then you’re sure to reap the ultimate reward, whatever that may be for you.”

Champaign, IL–Fear of humiliation often prevents people from attempting to snowboard. But Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter says snowboarding can be a life-changing endeavor that's worth the risk. "The road to becoming an advanced or even a competent rider is rarely a short one, and you are likely to struggle," Teter says. "Remember that everyone has been there, so don't waste your time and energy worrying about how you look and comparing yourself to others."

In her forthcoming book, Mastering Snowboarding (Human Kinetics, December 2012), Teter and Snowboard magazine contributing editor Tawnya Schultz reveal the seven truths of snowboarding they say all new snowboarders must accept as fact before they hit the slopes.

  1. You are going to fall. Everyone falls.
  2. You are going to feel uncoordinated. Everyone feels uncoordinated when learning something new.
  3. Feeling embarrassed is optional and will not improve your performance.
  4. Visualizing helps. So does trusting your body.
  5. You may love or hate snowboarding right away. Either way, you'll get better with practice.
  6. If you are optimistic and focus on having fun, you will enjoy the ride.
  7. You are going to be sore by the end of the day.

Mastering Snowboarding offers an in-depth insight on everything snowboarders need to know before heading to the slopes. The skills covered throughout the book will help riders of all levels and riding styles generate greater balance and control on the board in both recreational and competitive environments. Teter also includes advice on selecting and assembling the best board components according to individual riding style and ability.

In addition to offering a snowboarding guide, Teter hopes to raise money for her charity with Mastering Snowboarding. All the royalties Teter receives will go directly to Hannah’s Gold (www.hannahsgold.com), which brings fresh water and teaches sustainable farming to the poor in Kirindon, Kenya.

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