HandPlantThePlanet Nitro Snowboards Contest

HandPlantThePlanet Is A New Instagram Contest By Nitro Snowboards.

This year we would like to create a movement by snowboarders for all snowboarders all over the world – #HandPlantThePlanet. We want to help promote the roots, creativity, simpleness, and passion for snowboarding all over the planet, by creating a platform for people to share their personal hand plants or photos they have taken of others doing hand plants. This platform is a way for all snowboarders to connect with each other by simply

1. Uploading a hand plant photo to their Instagram Account

2. Hashtagging (#HandPlantThePlanet)

3. Geotagging their location of the hand plant

4. Posting it to Instagram

This hashtag collects and places (according to the GeoTag) all the photos on a map of the planet (http://nitrousa.com/handplanttheplanet), thus creating an archive of all the hand plants that are going down all over the planet. The concept and direction is still fluid and we are right now working on other ways to promote the movement as well (for example – hand plant contests, specific hand planting snowboards, video project, etc…) But, the goal is simple cover the world in HANDPLANTS – HAND PLANT THE PLANET!

Watch snowboarding videos here!