Hampus Mosesson on Omatic

Encinitas, CA December 13, 2007 The fine folks at Omatic Snowboards arehappy to announce their latest Swedish acquisition Hampus Mosesson to theteam. Not only do we appreciate fine furnishings from Ikea, gourmetmeatballs, the chef from the Muppets and little red gummy fish but alsoScandinavian super rippers like Hampus.

For those of you who live under a rock, Hampus has proved himself in a slewof high dollar contests including the Air and Style. He helped usher in thewhole ” fun fad in snowboarding by being one of the original Robot Foodstars. He locked in solid video parts with Mack Dawg and basically ripseverything he rides in an efficient manner.

“At Omatic, we believe that a rider must fit within the company,” saysco-owner and rider Todd Richards. That means he must enjoy bad jokes, canendure pungent human scents, talk smack and endure long car rides with teampsychologist Todd Richards. Hampus is a perfect fit!

“It feels like an energy boost from one of those energy drinks when it’sjust about to kick in,” says newly signed Hampus Mosesson.

As we prepare for world domination, Hampus is ready to tap into his Swedishheritage and shred and pillage his way across the globe, making sure thathis O-Matic keeps him on top of his game, slashing from continent tocontinent.

To find out about Hampus’ designed by series come visit us at SIA B71, ISPOA1.526 or contact Tanya Otero at – to@omaticsnowboards.com

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