Halfpipe Qualifiers, Whistler, CAN Snowboard World Cup Results

There were no huge surprises in the FIS World Cup halfpipe qualifiers on Friday as Todd Richards and Natasza Zurek both took first place with incredibly impressive runs. The halfpipe seemed to hold up pretty well for the more than one hundred riders who trained and competed in it all day. Only eight men and four women advanced into the finals. This morning the semi-finals will take place allowing twelve more women and 24 men a chance to win the Worldcup.

The following is a list of those riders who automatically advanced:

Women’s Results
Rnk Surname
1 Natasza Zurek
2 Stine Brun Kjeldaas
3 Tara Teigen
4 Shannon Dunn

Men’s Results

Rnk Surname
1 Todd Richards
2 Alan Clark
3 Jonas Gunnarson
4 Michael Michaelchuck
5 Rune Lunso
6 Trevor Andrew
7 Arid Brun Kjeldaas
8 Jesse Fox