Innsbruck, Austria¿It was a night of red carpet glitz and glamour with everyone pulling out their finest threads, Friday, December 4, at the Congress Hall in Innsbruck for the second annual Snowboarder Awards put on by Monster Backside Magazin. Over five hundred people attended the award ceremony that began with a private dinner and drink party in a slick museum-like hall and moved into a staged area which was opened to the public.

With European MTV hostess Simone screaming it up, the awards portion of the ceremony kept the audience nearly entertained for well over an hour. The Reef bikini contest that took place in the middle of the awards ceremony probably helped the attention span of the audience, as did the bar in the corner of the huge hall.

On hand for the evening festivities were most of the Air & Style competitors, as well as a number of pros who came in to watch the event. For the second year

in a row Terje Haakonsen took the Freestyler of the Year award, however he opted to bow out of the Air & Style this year, so he also was not around to claim his award. Nicola Thost took the Freestyler of the Year award for the women. Also in the running were Stine Brun Kjeldaas and Minna Hesso. Last year Brun Kjeldaas won the Freestyle award.

“This really means a lot to me,” Nicola Thost said with a huge smile, holding the trophy triumphantly high above her head. Thost was planning to compete in the women’s division of the Air & Style on Saturday, however on Friday night after the awards she told organizers she was bowing out due to an injured leg that swelled during Friday’s practice.

While the awards were all fine and dandy, the highlight of the ceremony seemed to be the Reef Bikini contest. Judged by Jim Rippey, Martin Freinademetz, and a few industry types, a dozen girls strutted the catwalk in G-strings and got the room cheering loudly.

“Number 10, number 10,” cheered Airwalk rider Roger Hjelmstadstuen with the crowd. His buddies Christian Thorenson, Frederik Sarvell, and Calle Erikson from Onboard, sat around him offering suggestions on their favorites, but in the end number 10 took the prize home.

Following the awards ceremony most of the room seemed to pick up and move over to two local bars, Jimmy’s and Blue Chip, located near where most of the competitors were staying. The bars began filling sometime near midnight with a techno dance floor going off. Spotted shaking it up on the dance floor was Michele Taggart, Nixon’s Chad Dinenna sliding across the floor with Tara Dakides, Jay Twitty from Volcom, and filmer Dave Seaone. Also spotted lurking around the bar was Daniel Franck with his high school entourage of buddies who had come to Innsbruck from Norway to check out the contest. The entire Northwave clan from the U.S. office also showed up sometime after midnight, as did a handful of the Reef girls, and a few people from the France Salomon office.

The awards went down as follows: Second Annual European Snowboarder AwardsPresented by G-Shock December 4, 1998

Freestyler of the Year (male)
Terje Haakonsen

Freestyler of the Year (female)
Nicola Thost

Alpine Rider of the Year (male)
Nicolas Conte

Alpine Rider of the Year (female)
Karine Ruby

Newcomer of the Year (male)
Markus Johnsson

Newcomer of the Year (female)
Anne Molin

Video of the Year
TB6-Standard Films

Best Advertising Campaign

Best Snowboarding Band of the Year
Beastie Boys

Best Resort of the Year