Guldemond & Quigley Win Last Call at Loon

LINCOLN, NH — Getting a piece of the $4,000 that was up for grabs and product from Libtec, Oakley, Ogio and GNU, lingered in the minds of the ninety-four competitors that showed up for the seventh annual Last Call with Eastern Boarder. Warm weather, lots of sun sunshine, too much in some cases, and crystal clear skies, combined with a sick course, made for one of the best days of the season.

Not knowing what was in store for contest features, riders seemed pleasantly surprised to take their skills to a BMX style rhythm section during the first session. While contestants were not hucking themselves off enormous jumps, they were however challenged with the task of successfully guiding through the jump line. Jumps with no middle and a quick transition from one to the next is not an easy task and Avert Guldemond was one of the first to exercise the right to overshoot and land directly on his back — Avert came out ok and surely realizes that the older you get the harder you hit! While one Guldemond gathered himself, the younger one decided not follow in his big brothers footsteps and threw down some serious tricks with first class style…this would be DC superstar, 2006 U.S. Open 2nd place Slopestyle finisher and Last Call veteran, Chaz. Cab 5, back 5, backside rodeo and a backside spin off his heels highlighted some of Chaz’s trickery. This first spectacle of the event truly separated the talented riders from the rest and showcased big tricks from Ian Thorley, Scott Stevens, Austin Grenier, Chris Beresford, Brian Biederman, Sam Hulbert, Brandon Reis, Chris Carr, Shaun Murphy and women dominator Colleen Quigley, to only name a few.

With enough cases to fill up a warehouse and landings to mistake the course for an airport, the rhythm section fell out of play and the crowds moved to the towering ‘signature’ wallride for the second event of the day. Newly rebuilt this past fall, the wall was re-angled and silky smooth lexan now covers the stylish Loon Mountain Park decal. As riders collected at the runway, Snowboarder Magazine’s Pat ‘the eYe’ Bridges commenced the middle third of the contest by charging the wall and throwing one of his signature handplants. Many riders tried, and many failed, to plant with as much style and extension as Bridges, but none could compete with the handplant veteran. Many stalled, slid, spun, aired and fell, so official emcee’s Nelson Wormstead and Hondo began to weed out competitors by calling them out, one-by-one. Scott Stevens continually impressed judges and the crowd with fast-plant variations, Chris Beresford consistently nailed every trick and Chaz continued to impress with backside 50-50 to backside spin out. Women contestants Amber Marsh, Colleen Quigley and Taylor Owen also killed it on the wallride.

Following the wallride display, a quick BBQ was in order to fuel for the final event of the day. An elevated rail section proved to be a strong ending while many faces baked in the sun and witnessed the rail mastery of riders like Graham Hoffman, Chris Beresford, Travis Nuenhaus, Scott Stevens, Colleen Quigley, Brian Sullivan, Amber Marsh, Shaun Murphy, Chrissy Carelli, Sam Hulbert, Mike Parnell, Brandon Reis and Chaz Guldemond. Premiered for this event, a 50′ step-up step-down box collected some of the biggest tricks, and biggest slams of the day. Also new this season, a Jersey barrier box led contestants up to the elevated platform where multiple street style rail and box options were available for sliding pleasure.

Wrapping up the contest and announcing winners was not an easy task for judges. Many riders proved skillful on all features of the contest and impressed with creative style. As all must come to an end and winners must be announced, here’s the list:


1st Chas Guldemond – $1,000, Ogio bag full of goodies and a GNU snowboard for winning the wallride section.

2nd Chris Beresford – $600, Ogio bag full of goodies and an Eastern Booarder Flight Bag for winning the rail/box section.

3rd Shaun Murphy – $400, Ogio bag full of goodies and a Lib Tec snowboard for winning the rhythm section.


1st Colleen Quigley – $1,000 and Ogio bag full of goodies.

2nd Amber Marsh – $600, Ogio bag full of goodies and Roxy snowboard.

3rd Taylor Owen – $400 and Ogio bag full of goodies.

Best Trick:

Scott Stevens – $1,200 Oakley Time Tank Watch — fastplant on the wallride.

Thanks to all competitors that came out for the seventh annual Last Call with Eastern Boarder and to event sponsors Eastern Boarder, Oakley, Ogio, Vans, Loon Mountain, Lib Tec, GNU and Red Bull.

Loon Mountain, rated the #1 resort in the east by Transworld Snowboarding readers, has four parks up and running, including the #6 nationally ranked Loon Mountain Park, Burton Progression Park and #7 ranked Superpipe.

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