Gromfest Shreds in the New Year's at Windells

Photos by Brogan Robinson and Austin Stevens.

Seattle, WA – January 7, 2008 – While most of the world was out partying and watching fireworks when the clock struck midnight and rung in 2009, the Gromfest Team was at Mt. Hood, doing what they do best…skating and riding.

From December 29th through January 1st, the Gromfest Skate and Snow Team members were treated to a New Year's celebration at Mt. Hood thanks to Windells Snowboard Camp.  Tim Windell, owner of the legendary summer camp, invited Team riders to come be guests at one of their winter camps and have the opportunity to see what summer camp looks like when it runs in the middle of winter.

Mother Nature has been all over the board in the Northwest this year and while overcast upon arrival, the first day of riding at Mt. Hood Meadows brought clearer skies and even a little bit of sun.  The weather also brought out the weekend warriors who packed some of the lifts 300 people deep.  Long lift lines didn't deter the Gromfest Crew, however, and while only a few features were up and running in the park, everyone was just happy to be on snow riding and filming.

New Year's Eve saw Mother Nature play a cruel joke as rain and heavy winds pounded Mt. Hood.  Many lifts were shut down and access to park terrain was cut off.  Being at Windells though, meant that all the terrain and features needed were right in our own backyard.  After a couple hours of work, the Gromfest Crew had set up a rail across a stream, river gap, pond skim and 4-roller set complete with bike rack and garbage can bonk.  Tricks were flying everywhere, team riders were getting wet and yet no one cared.  Gromfest's youngest team rider, Matt Penny, even decided that he wanted to drop from a log suspended 15-feet up before riding the drop to the pond skim.  You can't stop a 12-year-old when their mind's set on something and Penny pulled it off with style.

As the clock struck midnight, Tim Windell had given over B.O.B. (Big Ol' Building) to the Gromfest Team to have full control of the indoor skate park, foam pit and trampoline setup, and the crew was caught skating to ring in the New Year.  Gromfest Competitor, Jesse Gouveia, was even offered an invite to join the Gromfest SNOW Team for 2009, which he happily accepted.

It was a memorable and interesting New Year in the Northwest…wet and random at times, yet fun and completely worth it.  Gromfest will be heading back to Oregon next December with the Gromfest Team in tow.  Make sure to check out how you can be a part of the Gromfest Finals this coming summer and possibly join us next New Year's as well.

Special thanks to Windells and all their crew for allowing the Gromfest Team to be a part of their New Year's celebration.  Check out info, pics, videos and more of Gromfest at

About Gromfest:
Gromfest started in 2006 as an amateur skate and snow competition that gives kids 18 & under the opportunity to be in the spotlight and show off their skills.  No crazy rules, no crazy requirements, just crazy riding.  In addition, Gromfest donates proceeds to non-profit, alternative sports programs that benefit kids.  By doing this, Gromfest is assuring bright futures.