Gromfest Host 80’s Day at Snoqualmie

Seattle, WA – April 23, 2009 – Most of the kids riding may have not even been born in the decade, but 80's clothes and style were all over the hill as Gromfest held an "Unofficial 80's Day" at the Summit at Snoqualmie, Saturday, April 18th.

In what Gromfest is calling a "social experiment," the theme day was not officially announced or publicized, but rather spread by word of mouth.  Gromfest started by just telling its Team Riders and then they let their friends know, who let their friends know, and you get the idea from there.  The Seattle branch of the Burton Chill Program even got a few of their volunteers involved and in the spirit of wearing neon colors and spandex.

On the 18th, around 25 snowboarders from all different backgrounds ended up on the hill in 80's gear.  There were even a few snowboarders and skiers who were in gear from the 80's and at the Summit, but had no idea that the theme day was even happening.  From kids under 10 to adults over 30, everyone dressed up and uniquely got involved.

The goal for the day?  To simply get some shots of 80's style tricks while riding in 80's gear.  First, some big carves and slashes were attempted, but the photos didn't look great.  Then, all all-out mob down the hill together.  Again , not a great photo.  Finally, methods off a small drop while wearing one-piece snow suits.  That was the golden picture and the feature of the day.  The drop wasn't anything crazy of built up like you would normally find in the park.  It was simple, natural, and something that fit perfectly with the theme.

As the lifts carried the last few riders to the top of the hill and the mountain winded down, it was time to take off the tiger spandex, the headbands and the leg warmers and shove them back in the mothball-scented drawer until next year.  And there will be a next year!

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Photos by Sawyer Purman

About Gromfest:
Gromfest started in 2006 as an amateur skate and snow competition that gives kids 18 & under the opportunity to be in the spotlight and show off their skills.  No crazy rules, no crazy requirements, just crazy riding.  In addition, Gromfest donates proceeds to non-profit, alternative sports programs that benefit kids.  By doing this, Gromfest is assuring bright futures.

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