By Liz Randall

If you were one of the lucky few to score a golden ticket to the Grenade Premier last Saturday night in downtown San Diego, you know that the brand’s hype isn’t even close to dying down, and deservedly so.

At 10:30pm, the concrete corner in front of the Hard Rock was a shoulder-to-shoulder scene of industry hipsters, pros, hangers-on, and those just trying to score a ticket. When the doors opened at the stroke of eleven, the hysteria began. People pushed, shoved, begged and pleaded to get inside and get a piece of not only an open bar and the hottest party in town, but viewing privileges to the premier of Grenade’s debut film, Full Metal Edges.

Getting hustled past the pissy security guards and finally landing inside (huge thanks to super-rep Sean Capko,) the madness and worry quickly melted away. The raging but intimate party was full to the gills with people that were completely amped to be there. Mammoth locs pretty much comprised 90% of the scene, and the vibe was super positive. It was kinda like the coolest big house party you’ve ever been to, except with a fully stocked bar and waitresses in bad nurse outfits offering you appetizers.

By the time you were elbowing your way towards the bar trying to get beverage number two, the party swiftly moved into its second phase. The movie started, mad cheering ensued, and one of the sickest snowboard movies of the season was kicked off. The soundtrack was awesome, the riding was solid, and the goofing around shots were selective and not overdone. Sick parts were ridden by all, but the standouts were definitely Jeff Anderson, Bobby George, Scott Arnold, Eddie Wall, and of course Danny Kass.

If you’re sick of the hype that’s surrounded Grenade since day one, you better get used to it, cause once this movie is released unto the masses, the bandwagon won’t be slowing down.

¡Viva La Grenade!