Grenade Gloves Army Reaches Record Number of Enlistments

Grenade Gloves Army Reaches Record Number of Enlistments.

Grenade CEO Joseph Condorelli gives back to the company’s most loyal followers.

Portland, Oregon April 27, 2011 – The Grenade Gloves Army, a core faction of the company’s most loyal followers, has announced hitting a milestone today of 10k active paid members. Grenade has labeled 2011 as “The Year of the Army,” in an effort to give back to their hardcore following. Average monthly enlistments have doubled this year. With an entire department devoted to the Army’s expansion and support, Grenade plans to roll out new programs throughout the year to both grow the army and maintain the interest of existing members. Visit today.
“Social marketing has played a vital role in the expansion of the Army,” explains Grenade CEO Joseph Condorelli. “I want the army to have an impact on our business. Grenade has always been a company that listens to the pulse of its consumer. Not a single meeting goes by without Joseph Condorelli inquiring about the state and wellbeing of the Grenade Army. “These are the guys that drive our business. These are the people that tell their friends, their family, their classmates and even their co-workers about our brand.”

Grenade is having its most successful fiscal year to date (and they are only 1/3 of the way through), therefore the success of the Army can be easily correlated to the achievements of the company as a whole. Yet the free gear Grenade gives to its “Army Soldiers” probably doesn’t hurt either. Army members have specific “Missions,” where participation is encouraged but not required. Mission examples are; “Send us your best trick!” where participants submit videos of themselves doing any type of trick in any given sport, “Get A Mohawk” where participants are asked to submit a picture of themselves “rocking a hawk.”

“Each mission earns the enlistee a rank promotion,” says Grenade Army Administrator, Matthew DiTullo. “For every third rank that the recruit is promoted, they’re outfitted with even more Grenade swag.”

Other key Grenade Army features; Army Members are given a unique opportunity to interact with the brand and give feedback on product and ideas, members may also purchase product directly from Grenade via the website, they are privy to exclusive content and stickers only available for active members.

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