Grenade Games IIII

A way out west there is a group of Radical Dudes, people called them the Grenade Crew.  About every time this year, usually around the end of April they get together and have a little Shindig called the “Grenade Games”.  Reckon it’s been about three years going on four they’ve been doing this.  Usually moving place to place, this year I heard they’re bringing her back to her birthplace at June Mountain, California.  Give n’ er 2 days of fun celebrating snowboarding in the sun.  That starts Saturday, April 19th and continues on through Sunday, April 20th for those of you interested in that sort of thing.  It’s gonna be bout $30.00 bucks to get you on hill or $.50.00 for both days.  Seems they’ve been doing pretty good planning it out too, gettin’ together some events like old time favorites the Bull Rider and Chinese Eyed Downhill.  Putting a new spin on others like the Boosted Highest Air and adding a darned entertaining Slopestyle event.  Those of you who just like kicking back, like myself, having a few Sarsaparillas and passing the time; they’ve got you covered like a prairie dog at a coyote convention.  Also heard they’re flying out a couple of bands to play live on hill.  Just to name a few, The Hounds of Hell,  Valdur, Deathpact, and THC will be up there giving us all something to perk up our ears.  Seems they’ve got a little after party going too, Saturday night T.S.O.L. and Adolescents are taking the stage at Canyon Lodge.    Pretty much all’s I can tell ya for now.   When I get another tickle in my ear from the wind passin on I’ll getcha a schedule goin’ . 
I don’t know about you, but I take comfort in this.  It’s good knowin’ they’re out there, the Grenade Crew and their Grenade Games, takin’ her easy for all us sinners.  Talk to ya soon!