Grenade Games Halfpipe Results

TJ Schneider pulling the pin. PHOTO: Russell Dalby

TJ Schneider pulling the pin. PHOTO: Russell Dalby

Grenade Games Six Pipe Results

Twenty-four feet was the hype. No one measured and we didn’t get the final word. It was a monster halfpipe nonetheless and dudes got radical. That’s all that really matters, right?

Danny Kass somehow managed to swing “The Most Radical Dude” award for the day even though it is his event. Kid slayed it and earned it though. Stacks of $500 went to a handful of other radical dudes as well. Kale Hill was shredding on a baguette sized rental deck and tossing near 12s out of the bottom of the pipe. Jacob Koia “The Destroya” grabbed five hundo with the highest airs of the day. Bahamian bro Kory Wright popped a handlplant on the hitching post, which landed him some cash and “Best Handplant Of The Day.” Eric Messier trampled the entire piñata setup, snapping the wood structure and ripping the paper maché open.

Riders that shined all day with overall riding won the big loot though. Justin Lamoureaux, Kyle Thomas and Justin Phillips rode hard all day and won the whole enchilada. The Grand finale hits tonight. Stayed tuned for the full wrap up.

Grenade Games Six Halfpipe Results
1. Jordan Phillips
2. Kyle Thomas
3. Justin Lamoureaux

Most radical dude: Danny Kass
Other radical dude: Kael Hill
Another radical dude: TJ Schneider
Best handplant: Kory Wright
Highest air: Jake Koia
Piñata basher: Eric Messier