Gravis Presents On The Road To Ummmm


Video of the THOMAS CAMPBELL EXHIBITION At THE V1 GALLERY (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Irvine, California (February 25, 2010) – Gravis Footwear is pleased to announce the final chapter in the Thomas Campbell Exhibition, UMMMM with the release of the video, ON THE ROAD TO UMMMM.

The video is a time lapsed sequence of Campbell, shot on location in his Bonny Doon, California studio and in Europe. It gives a behind-the-scenes preview of Thomas working on “stuff” for 3 months or so… in preparation of the UMMM, exhibit which was held in Copenhagen, Denmark at the V1 Gallery, late October 2009.

ON THE ROAD TO UMMMM, gives an insider view of Thomas’s many artistic talents; painting, sewing, woodwork, silk-screening, bronze casting, doodling and um…more painting. But it’s not all work for Campbell, a quick stop-over in the south of France, revives this self-proclaimed stuff maker’s skills before he says “au revoir,” and onto his exhibit in Denmark.

When asked about himself and his art, Thomas Campbell’s reply is summed up in one word, “Um..,” “Well, I am not a huge fan of using words to describe art and every time I am asked my gut instinct is just to say “Um, I make stuff.” And in reality that is what I do. I am a creative person by nature and by trial and error.”

Thomas Campbell is apart of the Gravis family and is a sponsored artist. He works closely inspiring our team of designers. “I love the fact Thomas works in so many medium’s, from film making to photography to all the art he creates. His body of work touches skaters, surfers and the art world, we are so happy to work with him,” says Maurice Torres, Global Marketing Director for Analog Clothing.


Watch for the first collaboration; The Yar bag launching in Fall/Winter 2010.
(on-sale July- retail, $75)

ON THE ROAD TO UMMM, was directed, produced, shot and edited by Alex Kopps, a friend and fellow artist of Campbell’s.