Grand Prix At Bachelor Postponed

So winter hit hard at Bachelor, postponing the pipe finals until tomorrow, Sunday, January 8th. Stay tuned to the site, we will hit you with results ‘n’ stuff on Monday. In the meantime here’s the men’s and women’s starting lineups. Also check out these photos from the Breck GP that we got from Gallup. They are legit.

Halfpipe Finals Startlist


1. Charmagne Ironside
2. E. Hollingsworth
3. Lindsey Jacobellis
4. Clair Bidez
5. Molly Aguirre
6. Elena Hight
7. Tricia Byrnes
8. Kelly Clark
9. Hannah Teter
10. Gretchen Bleiler


1. Austen Butler
2. Wyatt Caldwell
3. Luke Wynen
4. Abe Teter
5. Rob Kingwill
6. Jack Mitrani
7. Steve Fisher
8. Tommy Czeschin
9. Danny Kass
10. JJ Thomas
11. Andy Finch
12. Louie Vito
13. Michael Goldschmidt
14. Kevin Pearce
15. Danny Davis
16. Mason Aguirre
17. Ross Powers
18. Scotty Lago
19. Keir Dillon
20. Shaun White