GoPro Launches HERO3+

Introducing the most advanced GoPro yet.

Smaller, lighter, mightier still.

Capture and share your life's most meaningful experiences with the HERO3+ Black Edition. 20% smaller and lighter than its best-selling predecessor, it delivers improved image quality and powerful new features geared for versatility and convenience.

Check out what's new with the HERO3+ Black Edition:

Smallest, lightest GoPro yet.
The HERO3+ Black Edition is 20% smaller and lighter than previous models—making it the most mountable, wearable and versatile GoPro ever.

Introducing SuperView.
GoPro is proud to introduce SuperViewTM, a video mode that captures the world's most immersive wide angle perspective.

New Auto Low Light mode.
Auto Low Light mode intelligently changes frame rates based on lighting conditions for enhanced low-light performance.

Sharper images, less distortion.
The HERO3+ Black Edition boasts a 33% increase in image sharpness thanks to its sharper lens and 2x reduction in imaging artifacts.

Improved audio.
Capture even the most subtle of sounds thanks to upgraded audio performance.

30% longer battery life.
With increased battery life, you can go longer and capture more with the HERO3+ Black Edition.

4x faster Wi-Fi.
Speedier Wi-Fi delivers 4x faster video preview and faster photo and video sharing with the GoPro App than ever before.