Glycogen Online Charity Auction For Tohoku Earthquake Disaster In Japan


World famous surfers, snowboarders, and skaters supporting reconstruction for Tohoku earthquake disaster in Japan. Vitality to Japan by our source of energy. We are launching Online Charity Auction called “Glycogen” for Tohoku earthquake disaster in Japan.

Our sincere sympathy goes to victims and their family, and we would like to express our condolences to them.
It might takes a long time for them to overcome, but we sincerely hope the affected areas will recover as quickly as possible. We, glycogen executive committee ( leading member/ Takashi Osanai, freelance editor, and Takuya Tsukada, representative director of Studio Japaho Inc.) is announcing, we are going to open charity auction, the name is “glycogen”. Donors are surfers, snowboarders, skaters, musicians and artisans from all over the world.
Before starting this auction from 15th/April/2011, we are now launching all donors and auction schedule.

What is the “glycogen” ?
“glycogen”- this energy is necessary for everybody to live. Of course the energy means having 3 meals a day as well, but also getting a surf, riding on snow, walking through town, enjoying music, healing from photos and art. We are pleased to have a meal everyday, and sometime we devoted something even no eating. This means we are living in a peace. That is why, it is so hard for this Tohoku earthquake Victims to feel this peace now. Time and Life are going on and on, even no action sports and art. but it is going to be no reason for living. So what we can do for them?
We thought one idea is charity auction, this is the reason why we launched this project.

Kelly Slater, Terje Haakonsen, Gerry Lopez and more.

Professionals from Japan and all over the world, they support this project, and donate items.more than 120 donors are from current up comer to leading legend. ( information is the following page) we face this things, we wish this auction is going to be collecting donation, and making a hope for this victims and making good life for successful bidder as well. This glycogen is going to be given rise to a positive chain reaction in this area. We, and all of donors send this donation as our vitality to victims, and in the end, victims and all of us will be having a full of vitality. This is what charity auction called glycogen is aiming for.
How to bid
You can access this auction site has been expanded from the site on Yahoo Japan. From donor page, click on the donor’s
name, move to each individual page, allowing you access to bid on this auction page from there.
It is possible bid from overseas as well. J-GRAB ( can participate in this auction through.