Aspen to 'Give A Flake' with new campaign

Amid a week of controversial marketing, Aspen Snowmass debuts a new campaign that encourages visitors and fans of their resorts to become activists on behalf of climate change and equal rights.

Give A Flake is Aspen's newest departure from traditional snow media that encourages people to come together and make their voices heard on issues rooted within snow culture and beyond.

"This is not just an advertising slogan, rather it's an all-out call to action," says Mike Kaplan, president and CEO, of Aspen Skiing Company.

Photo: @mattpower

"Collectively, we are a powerful voice, and by using it, we can make a difference. Our founding vision, the Aspen Idea, was never about escaping reality or retreating from the world's challenges. That's why we are taking the bold step of launching the Give A Flake campaign," said Kaplan via a press release from the resort.

Give A Flake initially made a splash across the web with various athletes, Aspen locals, and fans joining forces by posting support on social media with the tag #GiveAFlake.

Along with collaborative social support, the other ways Give A Flake encourages people to take a stand is through contacting their Senators and State Representatives via postcards supplied in national magazines, and one-click, directed tweets.

Aspen Snowmass details all the ways of how you can get involved here:

Do you Give A Flake?

Give A Flake advertisements in national magazines will feature tear-out, pre-paid postage cards for readers to sign and mail to those Senators urging them to act on climate change. The letters will also be available in-resort for guests to sign and send.

Online ads will encourage people to register to vote and participate in the upcoming elections. A visit to offers visitors a one-click way to reach out to every state's national representatives through directed Tweets and printable letters to Congress.

In its second installment, the campaign will focus on social concerns, including tolerance and LGBTQ rights. Kaplan explains, "not only does Aspen Snowmass have valued visitors who are diverse in their sexual orientations and ethnicities, but our coworkers, friends, and community members are, too. We want everyone to feel welcomed and cherished. Advocating for what's right and taking a stand shows we really mean it."

Check out the video announcing this campaign and cause above, and head to find out ways to join this movement.

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