Foursquare’s 2012 website is now live, complete with this season’s all-new outerwear and softgoods collections. Coinciding with this year’s launch is also the release of The Wetplate Project – a pioneering photographic journey into snowboarding featuring first of its kind action imagery and a corresponding video project that is sure to impress.

“This was a project that was going to defy all the rules, the same way snowboarding started,” says Wetplate Photographer Ian Ruhter. “I was determined and set out to do what was deemed the impossible.” The process of making a Wetplate Collodion photo has to be done on location, which requires a makeshift laboratory. Each image is then created by mixing Collodion, iodizes, bromides, ether, alcohol, silver nitrate, ferrous sulfate, and acids while applying them to a metal or glass plate. The final product is a one-of-a-kind original that cannot be matched by any other photographic process of our day.

Be sure to check out  “The Process” featuring Andreas Wiig, the first of five videos showcasing The Wetplate Project, and stay tuned for more. In addition, if you “Like” this video on the site, you will automatically be entered to win a Foursquare hoodie and beanie. To check the details and ultimately find out who wins, go to

For more on The Wetplate Project, plus the latest on this year’s team – Peter Line, Pat Moore, Andreas Wiig, Cameron Pierce and Alek Ostreng – go to