Are You Sponsorable?
First, ask yourself…

1.  Do you compete in your sport?
2.  Do you shred your local scene?
3.  Do you have the ability to help a company sell more product?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ll be stoked to know that you ARE sponsorable.  While you might be sponsorable, actually getting sponsored is up to a ton of factors.  Every company is different in who they are looking for, the levels of sponsorship they have available and what level they offer.  After years of working with companies and hundreds of surveys, here is what we can tell you companies look for:

1.  Dedication
2.  Skills and Results
3.  Professionalism
4.  Personality
5.  Complete Profile
6.  Wow Factor
7.  Photos
8.  Videos
9.  Loyalty
10.  Sponsorship History

Seeing if you have what it takes is easy, just create an account on the Loop’d Network, complete your profile and apply to the companies you are eligible for.  Even if you don’t get any sponsorships right away, a Loop’d account gets you access to all of the companies, communities and other members on the Network…