Get Schooled at teaches snowboarding with free videos

2/26/2009, Minneapolis, MN.  A new website offers free how-to-snowboard videos that draw inspiration from familiar everyday examples. Founded by a Minnesota brother and sister, the website's clean-cut, unpretentious methodology covers step-by-step beginner lessons, intermediate tips, snowboard tricks and equipment advice.
The siblings started the website after they couldn't find accurate snowboard information online. "Most how-to internet videos are home-movies of someone doing a face-plant or professional clips of pros spinning 720s to guitar music. Few actually teach anything," said Rick. The duo is keeping their videos free to help fellow riders progress and share a sport they love. "We have a lot of fun making the videos and it's a needed creative outlet from our full-time corporate jobs," says Jill, a former professional snowboarder.

The lessons come from their 15 years of combined teaching experience and feature tips and drills you won't find anywhere else. The two stress that snowboard movements come from everyday activities and work these familiar examples into each lesson. According to the Snow Professors, the motion of boardsliding a funbox is the same as riding on a shopping cart and toe-turns use foot movements similar to driving a car.

Each episode begins in real-life before jumping into the on-snow lesson, which is surprisingly different from most snowboard content. They teach with a nerdy, approachable tone that's unlike typical snowboard stereotypes. The Snow Professors represent a growing population in the sport: kid-friendly, professional adults. The Gen-Xers who popularized snowboarding have grown up and want to share it with their families.

"We've never really been cool," said Rick who has a degree in engineering, "so it wouldn't be believable if we tried for our videos." launched in January 2009 and has money-saving coupons to online snowboard shops and over 20 video lessons and product reviews that can be watched on computer or iPhone.

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