GENTEMSTICK Taro Tamai Snowsurf Design

FL YFISK for Mads shaped by Taro Tamai Mads Jonsson Pro Model 2014-2015 early release

Orders accepted from: 8th January 2014 Delivery from: 1st February 2014 Released numbers: 50 boards limited worldwide for 2014 early release MSRP: 1,280USD, 128,000YEN, 950EURO

Available from gentemstick online store and authorized dealers worldwide

The Flyfisk will be regularly manufactured from season 2014-2015 2014/2015 orders accepted from Feb 1st 2014

For more information, please contact
Kabayama Kutchan Abuta
Hokkaido Japan
Tel: +81-136-22-5581

The board: First ever pro model for longest flight record holder Norwegian pro-snowboarder, Mads Jonsson. The Flyfisk 164 has been shaped by Taro Tamai, based on the current Gentemstick model Big Fish. The outline promising ample float and explosive pow-turns in the deepest conditions, as well as a newly designed diamond tail anticipating perfect stomps in backcountry airs. The result is a thrustfull freeride board for powerful riders.

Specs: Length 1640mm Running Length1033mm Effective Edge 1133mm Nose Width 344mm Waist Width 287mm Tail Width 302mm Sidecut Radius 9000mm Setback 0mm Stance Width 620mm (center) Camber 4mm Taper 21mm Sidecut Depth 28.5mm

Tech: Core: Poplar Topsheet: Bamboo Base: P-Tex4000 graphite Camber: Acceleration Camber (Gentemstick original camber system since 1998)

Mads Jonsson Interview:
Tell us a little about your career as a snowboarder?

Its been a hell of a journey .. haha.. started out riding for Airwalk through my sports school when i was 16. Always trying to do better we rode a lot of contest back then. Jr world champs was where everybody would meet, measure force and get wasted together. These contest slowly gave the chance to show my riding to the right people…I got hooked up with burton and then the rest is a big blurr of lots of traveling and even more pow turns. Best time of my life for sure!!

How did you meet with Gentemstick?

Terje brought me to Japan a couple of years back. He introduced me to RiP and Niseko riding that very much is synonymous with Gentem. I tried the board then, but do to Burtons over restrictive board directive I felt like I had to keep riding my custom .

When I came back the next year I got to ride the Big Fish all trip. Thats when I really fell in love with the Gentem ride!

Why did you choose Gentemstick to make your first promodel?

I feel like Gentem Chose me. For me that would have never been a question and Im honored to be riding with one of the truest snowboard crews out there!

What makes the Flyfisk different from other boards?

Fly Fisk has a lot of Big Fish in it.. it rides with a lof of attitude and can lay down a turn any where at any time. The difference in Fly Fisk is that it has a little more stiffness and some other tweaks that we can t talk about that makes it one of the best all around pow boards i have ever rode!!

What kind of lines and what kind of riding do you expect to go on the Flyfisk?

I have rode that thing on everything from icy hips in Hemsedal mid winter ( trust me , its sheet ice ) to the deepest pow japan has to offer and through canadian epic terrain. I also got to ride it in Norway doing big mountain lines…It will take on any challenge is my feeling so far. The only negative side about it is the nose that cuts down on your spin factor…doesnt really bother me that much. Methods and fs 3s for days.

Taro Tamai shaper's comments:

This board is not just another pro model for a random rider. It is a revolutionary project to bring the whole snowboarding world back to where it was supposed to be. Board design has been uniformed and standardized for the past 20 years. Every season, riders have been forced to ride similar and unoriginally designed boards. What I have been doing instead was to make boards that my friends and I wanted to ride. Making different shapes depending on what terrain or conditions we were aiming to ride. The important question was not whether these boards would sell or not, but would they let us ride the way we wanted to or what kind of line would we be able to trace with that board. When I met Mads for the first time, I could see he was just getting sick of the industry's old convention, so I handed him one of my boards. I couldn't miss that something changed in him and his riding as soon as he started riding my boards. Mads' powerful riding started to shift from robust to gracious. I spoke with Mads about the shapes and lines, just like the way surfers and

shapers would do. He told me exactly what type of board he was after. We entitled this whole story the "Flyfisk" and Mads committed to release his first pro model from Gentemstick. As its name states, we're hoping that this project will soar around the world to spread the concept of its genuine shaper/rider relationship, which is the most natural way of creating snowboards.