Gameloft Introduces Avalanche Snowboarding Game

Whether you're on the bunny slopes or the black diamond runs, nothing provides winter thrills like snowboarding. With Avalanche Snowboarding, Gameloft brings all the fun and excitement of snowboarding to your mobile devices. From choosing the right gear to deciding when to pull that perfect indy, Avalanche Snowboarding has it all. And it's quite a ride.

Character customization and realistic runs bring the gaming experience to life in Avalanche Snowboarding, which is available for download from the Sprint Digital Lounge. You can choose from five unique characters each with their own style and personality, then select custom boards and gear from the snow shop. All purchased items are cleverly displayed in a virtual cabin. Now you're ready to hit the slopes. Avalanche Snowboarding has four different environments with six challenging events in each. Dynamic weather conditions and real time day and night cycles further enhance the realism.

Controls in Avalanche Snowboarding are simple and intuitive. Grinds, flips and spins are easy to achieve. The huge number of tricks available makes sure that every run is different and fun. Possible tricks include indy, method, three different types of grind and much more. A strong graphics engine makes sure you look good while pulling these tricks.

This stylish and authentic snowboarding game has something for everyone. From the hardcore snow demon to the casual boarder, every kind of player will appreciate the great visuals, cool music and intense action. Avalanche Snowboarding is available for download at for all wireless carriers. For more information about Avalanche Snowboarding, please visit: