Galleon On The Rocks Demo Tour Update

Ok, here is some sort of update of the ‘on the rocks demo tour’ from galleon.  I’m not the greatest at telling stories of our wacky adventures so early in the morning, but I will give it a shot. 

We left sometime early in the end of Jan. to make the hellish journey across the mid-America wasteland to hidden paradise of Tyrol Basin, WI.  The crowd at Tyrol was extremely nice and possesses a pool of talented mid west riders. 

After a day here we left on yet another 20+ hour drive to Stratton, VT.  During this 20+ hour car ride, tensions were very high as team riders got to experience each other in the confined quarters of the road.  After several stops to pick up Red Bull and other forms legalized trucker crank we arrived to a freezing ass cold Vermont.  All I can say about Vermont is that it’s damn cold and you get shitty cell phone service.  I tried the syrup from several different diners and was impressed.  The fog at Stratton reminded me of that X-Box game I’m not very good at, but the employees at Stratton were some of the coolest people around. 

After this I remember something about a drive to Waterville, NH and the team hitting handrails in Plymouth, NH.  Tranquilizers tend to make one’s memory foggy when they sleep for 20 hours to avoid car sickness.  Waterville was a good time, as with every demo, the give-a-way caused a commotion and a few bloody noses were witnessed as kids fought a grown man for the rights to a new snowboard. 

Reluctantly, the team headed to the EWSRA tradeshow in Providence, RI.  Surprisingly, Rhode Island was a Mecca for city rails and building drops so there was good times to be had, despite the -50 wind chill.  Providence also has bars that let 18 year old girls drink!  Sadly, no one on the team has any game whatsoever, so we spent several nights in the hotel lobby running up bar tabs and watching overpriced Pay Per View.  At one point during the stay in Providence the team said goodbye to Jason Beaton as the Galleon Team manager, they picked up the pieces and continued on the road. 

Next stop, Maryland….. no really, Maryland.  Sadly, the best powder anyone had seen all year was at Wisp Mtn., MD.  I never saw a park there, but I’m sure it existed.  The lift operators reminded me of the old days of getting hassled of the Haunted House ride at the Del Mar Fair.  And due to it’s proximity to West Virginia, the view of the girls was not pleasant one.  However, with “all you can sing” Karaoke, the east coast portion of the trip wrapped up nicely. 

More updates for the West Coast side sooner or later.                 

-Matt Coats
        Team Manager Galleon Snowboards

Galleon Mfg. remaining Demo Tour Dates/Stops
MAR. 8 SAT. Canyons in Utah-DEMO
MAR. 8 SAT. Breckenridge MTN. in Colorado-ON the Rocks DEMO TOUR
MAR. 9 SUN. Steamboat MTN. in Colorado-ON the Rocks DEMO TOUR
MAR.15 SAT. Park City in Utah-DEMO
MAR.15 SAT. Canyons in Utah- ON the Rocks DEMO TOUR
MAR.16 SUN. Jackson Hole demo in Wyoming-ON the Rocks DEMO TOUR
MAR.22 SAT. Snow Summit demo in California-ON the Rocks DEMO TOUR
MAR.23 SUN. Mammoth MTN. demo in California-ON the Rocks DEMO TOUR
MAR.29 SAT. MT. HOOD demo in Oregon-ON the Rocks DEMO TOUR
MAR.29 SAT. Canyons in Utah-DEMO
MAR.30 SUN. MT. BAKER demo in Washington-ON the Rocks DEMO TOUR
APR.5 SAT. Park City in Utah-DEMO
APR.12 SAT. Brighton in Utah-Slugfest DEMO
APR.19 SAT. Canyon in Utah-DEMO
APR.26 SAT. Canyons in Utah-DEMO

These are the demo dates and show dates for Galleon mfg. come out test our boards and get your free stickers, Posters, tee’s, and one board for every on the rocks stop. For the shows call 801 561 6027 or 801 598 5722 to set up for appointments. The newest blood in the industry. REPRESENT .