This much is clear—both Gabe and Ben Ferguson are hungry for a win at the Red Bull Double Pipe. Gabe wasted no time on his first semi-final run, throwing a huge backside 360 over the 22-foot spine followed by a frontside 360 over the 17-foot spine below. With the jam format allowing the 18 riders to take about five runs each over a two-hour period, Gabe continued his onslaught, landing a backside double cork 1080 off the 45-foot table at the start of the course and some giant frontside 540 tail grabs to take, and hold, first place for over an hour, qualifying first.

Judged with the True Overall Jam format, the top eight riders to move through to finals were selected by the overall impression left after all the runs were taken. No specific scores were awarded. The second of those riders to make the cut for finals was Ben Ferguson, who delivered some of the most technical runs of the day including a backside 180 into the pipe to frontside double cork 1080 over the channel and a straight air transfer to backside 900 to frontside 360 over the lower spine. The older Ferguson brother didn't break out the backside rodeo over the lower spine he was landing in practice, but he did come damn close to a frontside 720, which likely would have put him in first had he landed it.

Stale Sandbech, who used to frequent pipe events but is now known more for slopestyle, did come through with a buzzer-beating frontside 720 on the last bit of the spine to qualify seventh.

The third qualifying spot went to Chase Jose who took second at the 2014 Double Pipe. Jose was another rider going for it from the first practice day, finding many of the lines in the new pipe and landing the first backside 720 over the lower spine. Jose dropped a huge double Michalchuk, a switch transfer over the spine, and a switch alley-oop backside rodeo 900.

Benji Farrow grabbed fourth with some serious rail game and airs off the tombstone over the channel gap into the tranny. Arthur Longo picked up the fifth qualifying spot with his signature massive airs and smooth backside alley-oops, followed by Jan Scherrer in sixth and Scotty James in eighth.

Watch the finals via livestream Thursday March 12th at 11:30 a.m. PT/2:30 p.m. ET on, and as a full-length broadcast March 14th at 1 p.m. ET on NBC (check local listings for West Coast times).

Red Bull Double Pipe 2015 Finals List

1. Gabe Ferguson
2. Ben Ferguson
3. Chase Josey
4. Benji Farrow
5. Arthur Longo
6. Jan Scherrer
7. Stale Sandbech
8. Scotty James