Gabe Ferguson Already Sessioned a Backcountry Jump Near Mt. Bachelor

With snow reports coming in from Mammoth, Whistler, Banff, and Utah in the past few weeks, the mountains surrounding Bend, Oregon got a first taste of winter over September 16 and 17.

On the 17th, local halfpipe destroyer, Gabe Ferguson, was on his way to the skatepark when he got a call from photographer Pete Alport, saying that they should head up to the Three Sisters area to go snowboarding.

"I said, 'Really?'" recalls Gabe. "Is there going to be any snow?"

Sure enough, as Pete, Gabe, and fellow rider Dru Brownrigg pulled up to the Broken Top Trailhead, they could see a layer of pow on a nearby face that looked like they could build a jump out of.

They arrived at the spot to find about a foot of snow on the ground, deeper where it had drifted in, creating enough coverage to land in safely. The crew put up a five-foot tall kicker, making for “about a 40-foot-long jump,” says Gabe. “We made it really poppy.”

After sessioning for over an hour until the landing was tracked, the crew wrapped up what's likely the first backcountry jump session of the new season in North America. These are definitely the first backcountry jump shots we’ve seen this fall.

Early-season snowfalls aren't unusual in the Bend area though, and Pete says that this is the 15th September in a row he’s been able to get a group of riders out for an early session.

Today, the forecast is calling for a high of 68 degrees at Mt. Bachelor and the snow is starting to melt, but the National Weather Service says temperatures are expected to drop again later next week.